Multiple Innovative Software Platforms

OGI has developed multiple software platforms for you to choose from. You can either choose to be a customer of these platforms, or you can also be an Independent Business Owner and resell those tools to your own clients and earn commissions.

OGI Discounts is Mobile App that displays Merchants offering discounts and special deals to our members. You can build your own local or worldwide discount club by being a member of OGI Discounts.

OGI Marketing System

With OGI Marketing System you can advertise any product or service using Lead Capture Pages and Autoresponders. The all-in-one marketing platform for every entrepreneur. Create amazing Sales pages in minutes.

My Automated Webinar

A great sales tool to create Automated Webinars. MyAutomatedWebinar lets you create a webinar that it is recorder but looks like a live one. You can interact with your attendees and reply to their questions though.

OGI Appbuilder

Do you ever wanted to create your own Mobile App? With OGI AppBuilder you can create your own Android or iPhone app within a few hours even if you are not a developer. Just follow the on-screen instructions.


OGIWebinar is a full-featured online meeting and presentation service for professionals of all experience levels. It allows you to make live online presentations, easily and without the need of additional downloads.

OGI Discounts .net

OGI Discounts .net is one of the largest Private Discount Clubs in the US offering discounts both domestically and all around the world. Members have access to Travel and Hotel discounts from all over the world.

OGI biz

OGIbiz is an All-In-One Web Platform that allows business owners to advertise their business online, create their own website, their own e-shop and at the same time advertise their daily deals and discounts.

OGI MyAppointments - Appointments Booking Platform

OGI Myappointments is an online booking platform for consultants, doctors, freelancer and any other entrepreneur that needs an easy way of booking Appointments with clients Online.


MyOnlineCoach is an innovative web platform that acts as a virtual coach for people working in the Direct Selling Industry. It is a great tool that helps you achieve your goals and keep track of your progress.

You can take life in your hands today

You can choose how much you want to work

You can choose the place that you want to work from

We have taken the best parts of Direct Selling industry and we offer them in our All-In-One Business model today, so you can elevate your potential.

  • Up to 90% payout
  • 9 different bonuses
  • Instant and monthly commissions

OGI combines all programs into the same payplan. Every single referral made by members of any network, is placed into the same Matrix and the same enroller tree! Do you see the potential? You may have a team member building one network, while another is building another…  They will each build and work with their own teams separately, but their results will synergize to benefit all of YOU!

  • Well, imagine spending time and effort building a successful business… and then imagine that at the click of a button, all that time and effort, all that experience, could be transferred to another business and then to another… Now, imagine that the success that you created could also be transferred to other businesses at the click of a button! THAT is OGI and the all in one business model!
    Sajan P.
  • How would I describe OGI and the all in one business model to someone who doesn’t know it yet… OGI is what you would be hoping for, if your imagination was free of limitations… That’s how I would describe it?
    Samuel J.
  • I wanted to make sure that what I had understood was correct… I remember asking Jim, my sponsor, to explain the all in one business model, again and again…
    Rod G.

The All in One Business Model

OGI is an umbrella company that houses different standalone direct selling programs and combines them into something bigger! Each one of these programs offers a completely different set of digital products and services, ranging from online marketing tools and automated webinar creation systems, to shopping platforms and networking tools!


Our online platform helps you spot the best deals from local merchants that offer special discounts to our members.


Business Owners can use our easy to use platform and create their one-page website in minutes by just uploading some images and filling in the blanks.


From Smartphone App Builder, to Website Builder and from Webinar Rooms to Lead Capture Page Creation Platforms, OGI provides the tools you need to grow your clientele.


We have created a system that is made for people that are busy. If you don’t have time to interact with prospects, use our Autoresponder system.


With our OlympicBiz platform, business owners can setup their website in 5 minutes and their eshop in about 15 minutes.


OGI’s offers a top notch smartphone app, available to Android and iPhone for Olympic Idea, that will help you spot deals & discounts around you.


Either you advertise through Facebook or you are sending your links to a paid list, you will need well designed Lead Capture Pages… we have them ready for you in OMS.


Training is an essential part in our business and sometimes you will need an extra hand. MyOnlineCoach will keep your team focused & trained!

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