About the company

OGI was founded in January 2014.

The company consisted of OGIDiscounts, a paid members only, worldwide Loyalty Club offering it’s members Discounts, Deals and Freebies in businesses selected by the members themselves; and OGIbiz, a platform offering webtools and promotion to businesses.

In early 2016 Our Global Idea (OGI) is formed acting as an umbrella company for OGIDiscounts and the following innovative programs:

With OGI we also introduce the All-in-One Business model, enabling members of any program to get lifetime access to other programs as well as combine them all into one Shared Matrix and Pay Plan.

In 2017 two more core programs have been developed for our members:

Our Global Idea Today

Today, members can join OGI through any of its 6 Core programs.

All Core programs use the same compensation plan and members can activate any other program and link it to their account with less than half the cost of a normal subscription.

OGI also offers 2 Business programs that it’s members can also market.

More Core programs are being developed and will launch later in 2018, these are the following:

OGI Compensation Plan and Programs

OGI Core programs:

OGIDiscounts.com & OGIDiscounts.net is a private discount club consisting of privileged consumers who shop using an Online Directory and exclusive Mobile App that enables them to find special discounts, deals and freebies that are only available to OGI Discounts members.

OGI Marketing System is a Sales Automation Software, that can be used to advertise any product, service or business opportunity using Lead Capture Pages and Autoresponders.

The all-in-one online and email marketing system for every entrepreneur that will solve all your e-Marketing needs.

My Automated Webinar is used to create Automated Webinars. Users can create webinar events that although pre-recorded, look like live events.

Unique features enable the maximum interaction between the member and their attendees, and a tailored autoresponder and report system maintains contact with all registrants depending on their interactions.

My Online Coach is an innovative web platform that acts as a virtual coach for people working in the MLM Industry.

It is a Networker’s most valuable ally that helps keep track of daily actions, team effort, goals and dreams.

OGI Webinar is a very conventient live webinar Platform

OGI Business Programs

OGIbiz is an All-In-One Web Platform that allows business owners and professionals to advertise their business online, create their own website, their own e-shop and promote themselves to active consumers.

OGI AppBuilder is a software that you can use to create your own Android or iPhone app with an easy step by step process even if you are not a developer.

Just follow the on-screen instructions and we can even publish it for you.

My Appointments is a program that offers automated online booking services. It enables users to setup a page that allows their clients or colleagues to book their own appointments.

It can also be integrated into an existing website.

Programs under development

  • Valid Polls is an innovative lead generation system that uses polls, tests or competitions to gather contacts and segment them into groups.

The OGI Compensation Plan

OGI uses a hybrid compensation plan that combines Matrix and Uni-Level structures.

It also enables members of all brands to add and then market different programs.

All programs share the same Matrix and Enroller Tree.

More information about the compensation plan

Other information

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